Discover the World Logistics Passport Program

The World Logistics Passport (WLP) is a logistics loyalty program aimed at enhancing current trade routes and creating new business opportunities for companies and governments worldwide. Its goal is to rethink how goods and services are moved globally, increasing the resilience of supply chains and removing trade barriers that hinder economic growth.

WLP promotes the building of logistical bridges between key production centers in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Currently, it has a vast network of registered countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and continues to add new global trade hubs each month.

Boost Your Business Growth in the United Arab Emirates

The WLP loyalty program is based on a partnership between traders, freight forwarders, and local entities to provide additional benefits in exchange for direct trade. This program is divided into four membership levels: White, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each offering different incentives. To access higher levels, traders and freight forwarders must surpass market growth targets.

Effortlessly Export Your Products to the Middle East

By joining the World Logistics Passport program, you’ll have access to a range of benefits that can streamline the shipping process for your products worldwide. In addition to simplifying customs procedures, you can also enhance your trade routes by exporting from Latin America to the Middle East. You’ll receive guidance on managing your product supply chains, which can help improve your operations and business opportunities. Ultimately, with the World Logistics Passport, you can maximize the value and benefits of your commercial operations to achieve greater success in the global market.

The World Logistics Passport program offers numerous benefits to traders and freight forwarders who register globally. One of the key advantages is the ease in the customs process when shipping products worldwide. In addition to maximizing the value and profit of business operations, as members can access applicable benefits at a hub based on their level status at each hub and the type of benefit provided.

A wide variety of benefits for transporting products to the Middle East

Regarding the accumulation of level status, the accumulated trade value for each entity is based on cargo ownership at a particular hub. Members can be at platinum level at one hub and silver level at another hub, enjoying the corresponding benefits associated with each level. The benefits of the World Logistics Passport are manifold and diverse, offering traders and freight forwarders a wide range of opportunities to enhance their operations and maximize their profits.

We are the point of contact between Latin America and the Middle East

Through all our strategic alliances, we aim to provide the greatest possible facilities for Latin American entrepreneurs to bring their products or services to the Middle East, whether with the goal of establishing their company in the United Arab Emirates or obtaining new business opportunities in the Arab Market.

Take your product to the Middle East, where to start?

If you are interested in expanding your business in the United Arab Emirates but don’t know where to start, at the Latin America Business Center, we offer a wide variety of services that will help you understand more about requirements, the Arab Market, business culture, certifications, costs, labels, market analysis, participation in trade fairs, your competition, and much more. Get to know them here.

Join the business incubator and access more benefits that will help you prepare for the company registration process or the expansion of your product in the United Arab Emirates. For more information, contact us.

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