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About Us

We serve as the link connecting the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions and Latin America

The LatinoAmerica Business Center was established in March 2022 as an initiative of the Arab Colombian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with KEZAD Free Zone. Its primary goal is to enhance ties and promote economic growth between the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Latin American markets.

Through our experience and the cultivation of strategic alliances with key industry players, we have successfully positioned ourselves, garnering visibility, recognition, and trust within the market.

Our Vission

Experienced trade company specializes in finding the right customers for latin america products.

Create win-win relationships

Between sellers in Latin America and buyers in the Middle East.

Build trust and credibility.

In the Arab market, we serve as a central point of contact for sourcing a diverse range of Latin American products, streamlining communication, and ensuring exceptional service.

Build trust and credibility.

In these two regions, we can create a comprehensive and robust offering for the community, providing access to benefits for community entrepreneurs.

We aspire to be the primary advocate for the Latin American business community within the MEASA region, catering to a vast market of over 3.5 billion consumers. We offer services and strategies that not only boost sales growth but also cultivate long-lasting, mutually advantageous partnerships.

About the Business Incubator

We accelerate growth and increase the success rate of export projects

There’s significant potential for businesses to
broaden their horizons by entering international markets, gaining access to buyers in the Middle East region, being United Arab Emirates the hub of business, people and relations.

Maximizing Profits

Establish direct connections with producers at the source, eliminating intermediaries and avoiding extra fees

Many Options in a Single Spot

Don't waste time searching among numerous suppliers for the ideal product. Save your time and effort in the process.

Physical presence

You'll enjoy direct, in-person communication with us thanks to our office in the United Arab Emirates, which enhances collaboration and development for buyers

Supporting the A to Z

Protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers, mitigating risks, and fostering enduring relationships

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