Introducing the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry seeks to promote, protect, and enhance the business interests of companies in the emirate. Guided by the vision of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates, the chamber focuses on strengthening the market’s regulatory framework and supporting high-value-added sectors.

With over 100,000 companies of all sizes and sectors as members, the chamber is a key institution to assist businesses in achieving success. Its goal is to empower businesses in Abu Dhabi, enabling the private sector to reach its full potential within a state-of-the-art competitive ecosystem.

Introduce Your Product to a Dynamic and Inclusive Market

Since its inception, the chamber has championed a pro-business agenda to make the market more dynamic and inclusive. Law 27 of 2005, which stipulates that all private sector companies must be members of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, has contributed to the organization’s unprecedented growth. While companies registered in free zones are not obligated to be members, they are encouraged to do so to enjoy a wide range of services and benefits.

Legal Consultation Services and Business Advisory

The chamber provides consultation services on legal matters and business excellence, access to commercial arbitration and economic studies, invitations and participation in strategic events at the local and international levels, specialized training for the private sector, and guidance on participating in prestigious events such as the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. In summary, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an active partner in the local economy and is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the country.

Expand Your Network with Industry Leaders

Being part of the community allows you to enhance your company’s performance and gain recognition from prestigious awards initiated by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, you can connect with key industry leaders, multinational companies, and government agencies through events organized by the Chamber.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of mediation services, contract reviews, legal consultations, and training. Access specialized services from experts in the Legal Services team who will help strengthen the foundations of your business.

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